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New research shows existing oil and gas activity threatens globally significant Lake Eyre Basin river system

The Western Rivers Alliance is calling on the Palaszczuk government to ban all oil and gas mining in the region after publication of the landmark study in the international journal, Marine and Freshwater Research.

Crunchtime for Channel Country rivers and floodplains as stakeholders meet for the last time

Today the Lake Eyre Basin (Qld) Stakeholder Advisory Group will meet for the final time to discuss the future of Queensland’s Channel Country rivers and floodplains.

Brisbane supporters call on Queensland Labor Conference to protect the Channel Country

Western Rivers Alliance supporters, Lock the Gate supporters and other Brisbane locals assembled outside the 2021 Queensland Labor Conference calling on conference delegates to protect the Lake Eyre Basin rivers once and for all.

Where do the parties stand on better protections for the rivers and floodplains of the Channel Country?

Ahead of the Queensland election, the Western Rivers Alliance, along with hundreds of supporters, asked all parties to better protect the rivers and floodplains of the Channel Country to demonstrate their support for the wildlife and the communities of the Channel Country.  Better...

Western Rivers Alliance Election Letter to the Premier September 2020

Ahead of the 2020 State Election, Western Rivers Alliance supporters have written to political parties to commit to better legislative protection for Channel Country rivers and floodplains within the first 12 months of a new term of government. See below to read our...

Another government report identifies risks of unconventional gas fracking for Channel Country floodplains

The Australian Government’s new report on the potential expansion of the unconventional shale and tight gas fracking industry into Queensland’s Channel Country identifies risks to the region’s groundwater aquifers, important wetlands, wildlife, and the region’s cattle grazing industry. The Geological and Bioregional Assessment...