Just before Christmas, the Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and her Government proposed to allow fracking- the mining of gas – in the floodplains of the Channel Country Rivers.  This is despite repeated commitments to consult with local people and to increase protection for the region.  

The Cooper, Diamantina and Georgina rivers bring life to the dry heart of Australia as they feed water from the tropics south into Lake Eyre. These rivers are among the last, great, free flowing rivers in the world.  Their floodplains sustain the Outback communities of western Queensland and the local tourism and organic beef industries. 

The gas fracking industry threatens this unique and precious environment and could irreversibly damage the fragile landscape, communities and industries that rely on it. 

The huge amounts of water required for this damaging industry would come from the underground waters Great Artesian Basin - the lifeblood of the grazing industry. Blowouts, leakage and damage by floods of the gas wells could significantly contaminate the floodplains, affecting wildlife and cattle.

We can’t let this happen to this global icon. 

The Indigenous Traditional Owners and local graziers of the region want to protect the sensitive rivers and floodplains from the threat of fracking.  But their voices are a long way from the centres of decision making in Brisbane. They need your support 

Please help by sending the Premier a strong message that the Channel Country Rivers need to be protected from fracking.