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Let’s flood social media this World Environment Day, it’s time to protect the Channel Country once and for all.

Together, alongside thousands of Queenslanders, we’ve continued to call on the Queensland Government to protect the rivers and floodplains. For the past two elections, Queensland Labor has promised to protect this incredible part of the world, however the Palaszczuk Government is yet to deliver, leaving wildlife, livelihoods and culture at risk.

With the gas giants on the march in the Channel Country, there’s no time left to lose. 

With under a week until #WorldEnvironment Day, which also happens to be the Queensland State Labor Conference, we’re reminding Queensland Labor of their promises and calling on them to protect these rivers and floodplains once and for all.

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Queensland’s Channel Country is one of the most extraordinary and beautiful landscapes in Australia - rich in natural and cultural history. The Channel Country’s rivers, the Georgina, Diamantina and Cooper, are among the last free-flowing desert rivers left on Earth. These rivers sustain Australia’s largest organic beef enterprises, ensure the health of an abundance of wildlife, including freshwater species found nowhere else on the planet and are rich with cultural stories dating back tens of thousands of years.

Gas fields across the rivers and floodplains could irreversibly damage the local landscape and the communities and industries that rely on it.

Every drilling rig will need a road, a pipeline and perhaps even a wastewater storage pond. This will result in an industrialised landscape - threatening the nature, water, people and organic pastures the Channel Country is known for.

Our Channel Country rivers and floodplains are too precious to frack!

We’re calling on the Queensland Government to protect the Channel Country rivers and floodplains from fracking once and for all… are you in?

June 05, 2021 at 9:00am - June 06, 2021
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