Join the call to protect our Channel Country rivers and floodplains

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Join the call to protect our Channel Country rivers and floodplains

What we want
For the Palaszczuk Government to protect the free-flowing rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin and the Channel Country floodplains by declaring these sensitive areas no-go zones for unconventional (shale, tight, and coal seam) gas, large-scale irrigation, and mining.  

Channel Country floodplains are fed by the rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin- these rivers are among the world's last remaining free flowing desert rivers. The natural boom and bust cycle of this landscape supports an incredible diversity of unique plants, birds and other wildlife. When the floods arrive the water spills across expansive floodplains and into hundreds of braided channels before finally reaching Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre to the south. This spectacular natural phenomenon has supported the livelihoods and culture of the region's First Nations for tens of thousands of years and today supports renowned productive and naturally irrigated grazing pastures and a growing tourism industry. 

At consecutive elections, the Palaszczuk Government has promised to protect the free-flowing rivers and floodplains of Queensland’s Channel Country. Despite this, the government is now proposing legislative changes that would allow gas drilling and fracking on rivers, floodplains, and wetland areas. Gas wells, pipelines, roads, and water pollution disrupt and degrade healthy waterways and landscapes. We can’t let the government get away with turning their backs on the communities, the tourism and agricultural businesses, and the wildlife that rely on these free flowing rivers and their productive floodplains.

Traditional Owners from across the Lake Eyre Basin have for many years been coming together to fight for stronger protections for the rivers and floodplains, including from gas mining. 

In 2019, the Queensland Government commissioned an independent panel of scientists and experts who recommended that unconventional gas be banned from the the river and floodplain areas. This scientific advice was hidden from the public until it was leaked to the media.

Read more at the ABC article and The Guardian article about Origin Energy's application.


In 2019 the Palaszczuk Government released a proposal that would restrict large-scale irrigation and hard-rock mining from the rivers but would allow unconventional gas fracking on rivers and floodplains. The Western Rivers Alliance is united in calling for the government to introduce amendments to strengthen legislation to strictly prohibit unconventional gas mining from the rivers and floodplains of the Lake Eyre Basin.

At the 2020 Queensland election the Palaszczuk Government committed to consult with the community on their proposal that would allow unconventional gas fracking. The Western Rivers Alliance is calling for an immediate hold on all approvals for new gas exploration and production in the Channel Country until this consultation has taken place and statutory protections are introduced. 

We need your support to demonstrate that Queenslander's want to see the Channel Country rivers and floodplains protected from unconventional gas. Please send a message to the decision makers letting them know you support the people and nature of the Channel Country. 

Brisbane supporters call on Queensland Labor Conference to protect the Channel Country

Western Rivers Alliance supporters, Lock the Gate supporters and other Brisbane locals assembled outside the 2021 Queensland Labor Conference calling on conference delegates to protect the Lake Eyre Basin rivers once and for all.

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The Australian Government’s new report on the potential expansion of the unconventional shale and tight gas fracking industry into Queensland’s Channel Country identifies risks to the region’s groundwater aquifers, important wetlands, wildlife, and the region’s cattle grazing industry. The Geological and Bioregional Assessment...